Father’s Day 2007



I’ve wanted to take the kids mini-golfing, they were looking forward to it as we haven’t been mini-golfing since our vacation in Florida a couple years ago.  What my wife and I did not know is just how WONDERFUL the golfing experience would be!  It’s the first time we’ve been mini-golfing with the kids locally since moving from Chicago, so we were all excited to enjoy the mini-golf experience here in Nashville.  The photos were taken last night at a mini-golf place just west of Nashville, about 45 miles from our house that’s adjacent to Interstate 40.

And did we ever enjoy it!  Here’s some photos of our experience…


Please notice Gus and his trusty 16oz water can.  He marched out in the yard over hole #1 to water one (yes, ONE) nearly dead fern that was sitting below the hook it was supposed to be hanging on.  Also notice the weed vines growing in the gazebo, the hose reel with no hose that’s mysteriously holding up some other thing horzontially, and the absence of any human activity in the picnic area:




In spite of all that, this photo is proof-positive that we were all enjoying ourselves here at “Europa Family Fun Center” near Nashville TN, June 17, 1983…er…2007:



Their precious landscape offered so much, that it was almost too much to take in!  However, I would like to share with you what you cannot see:  the beautiful sounds of “Reunited” by Peaches & Herb was filling the air, drowning out the pesky Interstate 40 noises.  As for me & my family, we’ll take Peaches & Herb over a downshifting Peterbilt any day!   Please notice the wonderful water scenery in the photo below: (and the Italian wine vineyard-inspired gazebo):  (oh, and I applaud Gus for his resourcefulness in using a faded-red milk crates to keep the water sprinkling for all (4) of us to enjoy!):



Here’s a view of the same beautiful waterscape from other side of the well-maintained bridge.  Not only was the water a sight to behold, but the owners of this golf course had enchanting audio for our ears: “Endless Love”.  Ahhhh, the old memories this song churns up!...There’s nothing quite like reminiscing about roller skating during the “couples-only” skate, hand-in-hand with your 7th grade sweetheart (who turned on me quicker than a narc at a biker rally)…at a mini-golf course some 25 years later with my wife and 2 kids!   Gus & Co sure have the sensory treats ready for you!  A tear almost beset my eye!  Also note the flat, yet still scary alligator on the near side of the pool:



And now enjoy this landscape treat!  In the picture above you’ll notice the bush to the right of my wife, well the picture below shows a ground-eye view of the wonderful local vegetation.  Note:  the elevated faded-pink elephant is NOT native to this park. 



In our pool at home, Denise is always makes sure to keep the chemicals in the proper ranges assuring that our kids swim only in the cleanest possible water.  Crossing the bridge, it’s no wonder my dear wife noticed why the water is so scenic; it was sanitized by a chlorine tablet!  I applaud Gus for taking good care of the water supply, making for a clean and sanitized place to golf!



A couple holes later, while truly enjoying the Bee Gee’s  “How Deep is Your Love” at 115dB throughout the monaural P.A. speaker system, we noticed that Gus needs to add one chlorine tablet to the co joining pool…or perhaps move the tablet from the pool above, to the pool below:



So far, Gus and Co. have created only lasting memories for our family (by now, I already forgot about the roller skating incident from a quarter century ago).   They’ve captured our sense of looks by the beauty of the landscape, and our ears by the wonderful music on the overhead P.A. systems.  However, Gus and Co. were not finished!  Gus has one more sensory treat in store for all who golf at “Europa Family Fun Center”, located west of Nashville, TN, making this night a hat-trick of sensory delight!  Not only was there another flat & scary gator in this pool, but words alone cannot describe the aroma that awaited us at the 17th hole:




Thank you Gus & Co for making this a Father’s Day we’ll never forget!  We laughed and farted all the way home!